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Our Groups

JEEVANI NEPAL comprises four core groups that carry out the different activities of the organisation. These groups are:

Public Education for Organ Donation:

Donor Cards in different languages and organ donation awareness campaigns are the focus of the public education group. The Donor card enables people to express their wish to donate their organs. These Donor Cards are diatributed along with a brochure entitled "A Priceless Gift" which explains the concept of organs donation. The organisation also has literature on preention of different diseases and organ transplantation.

Nepalese Transplant NewsLetter (NTN):

The Nepalese Transplant Newsletter is being published since 2016. It carries national and international transplant news and keeps track of the Nepalese cadavar transplant program. The executive commitee has doctors from the transplant field from all over the country and abroad.

Patient Support Group (PSG):

JEEVANI Nepal started a Patient Support Group (PSG) for organ failure patients and their families to give them a platform to discuss their problems with each other and also interact with a panel of experts comprising doctors, dietitians and counselors. There are 75 members of the group in Kathmandu. Subsidized transplant related medicines to needy patients are supplied.

Nepalese Network for Organ Sharing (NNOS):

NNOS will keep co=ordination for the organ sharing with different transplant hospital in Nepal.


Organ donation is all about giving life - life that only YOU can choose to give to help the thousands of patients waiting for an organ or tissue transplant.

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